Deer Park Elementary School

11541 Jefferson Avenue     Newport News, VA 23601     Phone: (757) 591-7470     Fax: (757) 591-7448

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Deer Park is implementing an e-mail system to communicate with families.  This would save a tree and keep information at Deer Park Family members' fingertips.  If you are interested in being on the list of people who would rather receive notices and memos via e-mail please let the office staff know.  Vital information will still be sent home in hard copy.

Safety is a focus for Deer Park.  All parents and visitors are expected to report to the office to log into our sign-in/sign-out system.  This eliminates the need of paper sign in/sign out.  This is just another way we are "going green"! 

Deer Park on NNPS-TV

Deer Park has participated in various wonderful activities.  View current and past videos below.

Deer Park earns 2012 Virginia Board of Education Excellence Award

Deer Park is among 188 schools in the Commonwealth selected to receive the award, the second-highest honor in the Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards for advanced learning and achievement. To qualify for the Excellence Award, schools must meet all state and federal achievement benchmarks for at least two consecutive years and make significant progress in increasing student achievement and expanding educational opportunities established by the state Board of Education


Deer Park is starting an energy audit program throughout the school.  Fourth and fifth grade students will be going room to room each week, gathering data about what electrical appliances are being used efficiently and where we are wasting energy! 

Simple changes in how we use our electricity in our classrooms as well as our homes can save energy and money!  What can you do to conserve electricity?


Deer Park is praised in print
Deer Park has been recognized in the Honors section of the newly published eco-fiction children’s book, Avatars of Gaia.  Deer Park is one of four schools recognized for “Going Green” from across the country, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, the Philadelphia Eagles and other people and organizations.  For more details, please visit the website.



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